Relaunch of the FWF homepage

Today, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of the FWF homepage in a desktop, tablet and smartphone-friendly design motif.

We’ve redesigned

Much has changed over the years, not least the rise of mobile devices to browse the internet. Our homepage wasn’t mobile-friendly. This gave us pause to reconsider the whole homepage design. The result of this rethink is the new homepage that was launched in January 2014. Through the use of WordPress (and the Responsive theme) the user experience is now the same for desktop users, tablet users and smartphone users.

responsive theme

The relaunched homepage better explains what we have to offer.

It properly introduces the wiki and the discussion forum and the relationship between them.

You should have noticed the Navigation menu above that gives readers the ability to jump quickly to the main parts of both the wiki and the forum. There is also a Links menu item, which contains a number of other websites we feel might be worthwhile for you to visit.

There is a panel with some Quick links and how to donate to support FWF.

Down memory lane

At its inception in February 2005, the Financial Webring Forum homepage was pretty basic. Once members joined the discussion forum, they generally navigated using the forum software and rarely revisit the homepage. The homepage implemented the “Webring,” a group of like-minded websites geared towards do-it-yourself investors.

FWF homepage - circa 2009

The FWF homepage, circa 2009

In late 2011, the homepage was revamped to have the look and feel of the discussion forum, with more focus towards the discussion forum and our growing wiki, finiki, the Canadian financial wiki.

The FWF homepage, circa 2012

The FWF homepage, circa 2012