Quick start guide for v3.2

FWF has been upgraded to the phpBB 3.2 feature release.  There are new features in that we’re excited to share with the FWF user community. This starter guide will introduce some of these features.

Clever quotes

The most obvious change is a significant improvement in the quoting feature, nicknamed “clever quotes”. Quoted posts now show links to the post author and the quoted post, and the time and date of the quoted post. This new information provides a handy reference and navigation ability to quoted posted.

A screen capture of this feature is shown below. Notice the ↑ character after the ‘Administrator wrote:’, that’s a clickable link back to the post where the quote came from. Also having the timestamp from the quoted post provides more context about when the quoted material was posted.


Showing even more advanced emotions than smilies is possible with the use of Emoji! With Emoji, it’s easy to add extra emotion to your post from your tablet or mobile devices. From a ❤️ to a 😎, Emoji can liven up all posts on your board!

Before you ask, emojis are just Unicode characters and are not the same as the smilies you see beside the posting area. Most mobile devices provide a built-in emoji keyboard so emojis can be entered just like typing ‘normal’ text. Desktop users who don’t have a built-in emoji keyboard might try 😋 Get Emoji — List of all Emojis to ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste 👌, which is what I’ve found useful when I want to add an emoji when posting from a desktop.

Please remember that you should post in a way which is consistent with normal writing. Please do not post excessive numbers of emojis.


Have you ever missed seeing a notification because there was no obvious visual clue? With this new release notifications should be more visible, as shown by this screenshot.

A further improvement, in your notification settings, you can choose to notified only by e-mail. In the previous version that you could choose to be notified only by notifications, but you couldn’t choose to be notified only by e-mail.

Behind the scenes the notification system has been reworked so that notifications now work faster and more efficiently.

Board icons

Most of the board icons are now Font Awesome icons, which should be more intuitive icons with retina quality.

 Keep exploring

This is not a comprehensive list, we are sure members will find other changes and share the information via forum posts.

For more information and discussion, see We’re now running on phpBB 3.2 – Financial Wisdom Forum