Quick start guide for v3.1

There are a number of new features in phpBB 3.1 and some redesign of the location of some of the existing features. This starter guide will introduce some of these features and location changes.

The most noticeable change you might detect is the forum is now a fully responsive design, the prosilver board style has been completely overhauled to ensure a modern experience on all of your devices. Give it a try on a tablet or smart-phone. Gone is our previous mobile style.

The navigation bar

The navigation bar in phpBB 3.0 for most users looks like:

navbar - 3.0

If you are still using the subsilver2 board style, your navigation bar looks like:

navbar subsilver2 - 3.0

In phpBB 3.1, the navigation bar looks like:

navbar - 3.1

A few things you might notice, the User Control Panel seems to have gone missing, the various “View …” links are missing and now there is a Quick links item. There are a few other icons that might seem familiar, but there are now in a different place.

The various view links have been collected into Quick links, the expanded view looks like:

quick links - 3.1

Don’t worry, if you have bookmarked any of the ‘popular’ one such as View unread posts, View new posts or View active links, your bookmarks will continue to function as without change.

You can find User Control Panel under your username, and the member list in the bottom navigation bar as shown below. Please note the change in location for Logout.

User control panel - 3.1

Bottom navigation bar - 3.1

Improvements in the forums list

Since the subsilver2 board style is no longer supported in phpBB 3.1, the remainder of this guide will use screen shots using the prosilver board style.

The board index in phpBB 3.0 looks like:

forum list - 3.0

With the upgrade to phpBB 3.1, the LAST POST column now shows the subject of the last post so if you click on the link you’ll have a better understanding of where you are going.

forum list - 3.1

A further improvement exists in the topic list, in addition to the small  icon that could be clicked to View first unread post, the larger  icon is also now a clickable link to the first unread post. This should be particularly helpful on mobile devices.

topic list - 3.1

User Control Panel changes

No more worrying about daylight savings time changes, they’ll be handled automatically. You will need to make sure your time zone is set correctly.

timezone handling - 3.1

You might have notice the Notifications item in the navigation bar. Notifications are easily configured to how you prefer to be notified about various events, such as when you are quoted in a post. The new extensible notifications feature lives in the header of every page and provides a centralized place to receive alerts and other information. The settings are in your User Control Panel.

Notification options - 3.1

To conform with modern web design, the notification popup option has been removed.

Keep exploring

This is not a comprehensive list, we are sure members will find other changes and share the information via forum posts.