Improving the wiki reader experience

Two additions to the wiki “tool box” are available to improve our readers’ interaction with finiki, the Canadian financial wiki.

Have you as a wiki reader been frustrated when printing a page? If so, the wiki now has a tool that allows a reader to render the page as a PDF file, and also to arrange pages into a “book”.

Have you ever read an article and found an error or thought there was information missing? The second tool gives readers the means to provide feedback about a page and offer suggestions on how to improve the page.

The PDF and book tool

This feature which will create formatted PDF files from any wiki article. This is a significant improvement over the existing print feature (Printable version) in that the articles are organized and formatted as one would expect from a word processor. Page headings, graphics, links, and references are presented in a very readable format. We’re using the same software as Wikipedia (left side menu, under Toolbox), so there is plenty of support, and we will follow Wikipedia’s guidance.

Select an article of interest. At the bottom of the left-side menu is Print/Export. Click on Print/Export to expand into 3 entries:

– Create a book
This starts the Book creator. Click on “Start Book Creator,” then proceed to compile your list of articles and create your book. Full instructions are in Help:Books, which links to the Wikipedia help page. Watch the video.

– Download as PDF
This will create a PDF of the selected article.

– Printable version
This is the existing built-in feature, which produces a printable view but does none of the additional formatting mentioned above. However, it does show all of the content.

Note: There may be an occasional “Render error” due to server overload. This is a limitation of the backend Pedia Press server used to generate the PDF output, not the wiki. Keep trying; it will eventually complete the process.

The reader feedback tool

In order for our wiki to continue to improve and grow, we need to engage readers and help editors improve articles. So what does that mean? It means there is now a feedback loop directly on wiki articles for anyone to help improve our wiki, the Article Feedback Tool (AFT). By now all should be familiar that our wiki is intended to be a collaborative effort of the FWF community. It needs your collaboration and perhaps this new tool can spark an effort to grow and improve the wiki.

In wiki terms, please be bold and review a finiki article or two and use AFT to give the editors some feedback that can be used to improve the wiki and energize the editor community. Quick views of pages can always be accessed by using the random page link in the wiki sidebar.

How does it work? The bottom of every article now contains a feedback form “Help improve this page.” Click on Yes or No, then add your comments. Below shows what happens when you click Yes (you’ll get a similar form for “No”).


Is there a typo or spelling error? Broken link? Missing information? Just fill in the form. Wiki editors are monitoring the feedback, so they will know something needs to be done.

The feedback form is anonymous; no account is required. The intention is not only for forum members to use this form, but for anyone reading the wiki (that includes the lurkers).

The top right link “What’s this?” leads to finiki:Article feedback where you can get an overview of the entire process, including a video.