Weekly Stock Data
motivated by e-mail from Wilson W.

Having weekly stock data and maybe the high, low and closing prices is of some interest so ...

>For several stocks, not just one, like this spreadsheet!
Yes, and maybe their Mean Return over the past few years and their Volatility and maybe the Correlation between them and ...

>Yeah, so where's the spreadsheet?
It looks like this:

To download, you can click on the picture or (if that doesn't work) RIGHT-click on the picture and Save the Link Target.

>What's them funny charts at the bottom?
The Range of prices and the Close for the past ten weeks.

>If you get the weekly prices I assume the Mean and Volatility are weekly too, right?
The spreadsheet calculates the Mean and Standard Deviation (or Volatility) of weekly returns and generates an "annual" number:
    Mean(annual) = Mean(weekly)*365/7
    StandardDeviation(annual) = StandardDeviation(weekly)*SQRT(365/7)

>365/7? That's the number of weeks in a year, right?

>And the spreadsheet is 100% accurate and there's a money-back gauarantee and ...