a Time Machine

Remember when we talked about comparing stock price behaviour over the current month to historical months?

Well, it's here.
The spreadsheet finds the "best" historical match to the current month and extrapolates to see what next month might be like.

Anyway, I ran across a website that mentioned this comparison spreadsheet.
He calls it the Ponzo Time Machine.

However, the author does one better: He identifies the five best historical matches and extrapolates from all five.
That is **SO** slick. Now why didn't I think of that!?

DOW: extrapolated

Anyway, I've modified the spreadsheet to allow you to go forward or backward to check out all the "best" matches.
Now that's great fun!!

Here's what I get for the DOW (where, by "best", I minimize the max |error|:

Best match: Max|error| =11.63

2nd-Best match: Max|error| =14.46

3rd-Best match: Max|error| =17.76

4th-Best match: Max|error| =19.23