Stock Tracking

Once upon a time made up a (clumsy) spreadsheet that charted a stock's price every minute of two and allowed the user to set a High and Low price.

>I remember. When it crossed either a High or Low you'd Buy or maybe Sell, right?
Right. Alas, that spreadsheet took over my desktop while it was running ... so I hardly ever used it.
Then it occurred to me that I could tie up my laptop and surf on my desktop.
I also rewrote the spreadsheet. It now looks like this:

Click on the picture to download.
The spreadsheet does this:
  • You set an Upper and Lower price and two lines get plotted.
  • You click on Clear Data button to clear any previous data and set a Starting Price which is also plotted.
    That'll be the price when you click that button. It might be yesterday's close or today's starting price.
  • You then click the Start Tracking button.
    The latest price for two stocks is downloaded and plotted (every minute or two).
  • If a downloaded price lies above the Upper or below the Lower, the computer beeps.
  • Then you ...
>Then you Buy!
Or Sell ... depending upon your genetic configuration.
At any time you can hit the Escape key to stop the program.
Later (at any time) you can click the Start Tracking button to continue where you left off.

>Is it any good?
Define "good".