Stock Screener

I ran across a web site that identified stocks that had been beaten down (meaning the current price was well below their 52 week high) but were recovering well (meaning the current price was well above the 50 day moving average).

>So you looked for those stocks, right?
Yes. Here's a spreadsheet where you:

  • Type in a gaggle of Yahoo stock symbols, in column A.
  • Click a download button to get prices, 52-week highs and 50-day averages.
  • Move a sliders to pick your percentages ... which generates a list of stocks satisfying the criteria.
Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet.

>And, have you learned anything?
Well ... uh, the list of stocks is from the S&P500 and there are five stocks where the current price is at least 15% below their 52-week highs and ..
>... and at least 5% above their 50-day moving average. So is that good information? Will you buy? Will you ...?
You must know by now that I do this for entertainment. Isn't it fun?
>No! Besides, what do the charts look like?
Good idea! So I've added another sheet which'll plot the first five stocks that satisfy the criteria: