the Rules of Life   or   Lucifer's Ten Commandments
  1. If thou art strong, bully the weak.
  2. If thou art weak, chastise the strong.
  3. Covet thy neighbour's possessions.
  4. When vocabulary will not suffice, swear.
  5. Be wary and abusive to those who differ from thyself.
  6. If thou hast strong beliefs, proselytize.
  7. Be a hypocrite, for then thy true self is hidden.
  8. Speak, do not listen, for the world is thy stage.
  9. Ravage the Earth, for it is infinite in resource.
  10. Accumulate wealth, for it commands respect and envy.
There's also a little-known 11th comandment:
11. Always change the meaning of words when practising the art of obfuscation.
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