So there I was, watching a hockey game and, embedded in the ice, was a ribbon.

>And you thought: "Why the ribbon?"?
Well ... yes. So I grunted something and my wife said: "It's a breast cancer awareness ribbon".
So I googled for "ribbons" and saw there were a jillion of them ... so I thought I'd mention a few.
Each is in support of some cause, though (it seems) many causes use the same ribbon colour.

Here's a sample:

support the Troops

Breast Cancer

Health Issues
Child Abuse
Violence against Women

the Environment
Missing Children
Organ Donations

Charitable Causes
Drug Abuse

signifies Mourning
Literary Rights

Free Speech
Bring Home the Troops

Violence against Women

World Harmony

anti-Political Correctness
Break Chain e-Mail


Brain Tumour Awareness
>And that's it?
No, I've just scratched the surface. There are plaid ribbons and various multi-coloured ribbons and ...
I'm still looking ...

See also ribbon campaigns