Retirement much will it cost and how long will your portfolio last?

Before I retired I went through the standard ritual of estimating our expenses and how long a portfolio would last and ...
>Yeah, so?

So I thought the spreadsheet may be useful to others. It looks like this:

>So them's your expenses?
They're just examples, but the total required withdrawal (in order to meet these expenses less the Luxuries) would determine a minimum withdrawal rate. If we get lucky in the market, up go the Luxuries ... especially that Other component

The spreadsheet also has some pictures.

To download a .ZIPd spreadsheet, RIGHT-click on the picture above and Save Target.

To get the unZIPd spreadsheet, RIGHT-click Here.

You fill in the red boxes (either annual or monthly expenses) and ...
>Yes, I can see the red boxes.
Good for you. However, the spreadsheet assumes a constant portfolio return so, to get a feel for what could happen, check out this online spreadsheet: click!