Retirement Calculators
[1] You're saving for retirement, $A each year (or months) at an annual (or monthly) return of R%, for N years (or months)
Annual (or monthly) Investment = $ Try 3000/12 for monthly
Annual (or monthly) Return = % Try 10/12 for monthly
Number of Years (or months) = Try 30*12 for monthly
Portfolio Value = $ after N years (or months) and N investments

[2] You're retired and begin withdrawing from your Portfolio, the amount increasing with inflation. How long will it last?
Annual Return on Investment =%   (annual increase in retirement portfolio)
Annual Inflation Rate =%   (annual increase in withdrawal amount)
Initial Withdrawal Rate =%   (Initial Withdrawal)/(Initial Portfolio), increasing with Inflation
Years to Zero =

[3] You're saving for retirement when you'll withdraw at a specific rate. You know what salary you'll need (in today's dollars):
Desired Salary = $ (at retirement, in today's dollars)
Years of Investing = (until retirement)
Annual Inflation = % (increase in annual salary until retirement)
Withdrawal Rate =% (after retirement)
Portfolio Required = $ (at retirement)

[4] To achieve a specific portfolio at retirement, what percentage of your current salary will you have to invest?
Years of Investing = (until retirement)
Current Salary = $
Portfolio Required = $ (at retirement)
Current Portfolio = $ (if any)
Salary Increases = % (until retirement)
Investment Growth Rate =% (until retirement)
Percentage of Salary that you need to invest = %

[5] If you contribute a fixed amount each year, how long until you achieve a specific portfolio?
Annual investments = $
Portfolio Required = $
Current Portfolio = $ (if any)
Investment Growth Rate =%
Years required until specified Portfolio is attained = years

[6] If you can live on a specific percentage of your current salary, at retirement, how long will your portfolio last?
Current Salary = $
Percentage of Current Salary Invested = %
Current Portfolio = $
Annual Salary Increases = % (until retirement)
Investment Growth Rate = % (before and after retirement)
Years of Investing = (until retirement)
Percentage of Salary that you want = % (after retirement)
Inflation = % ( = increase in after-retirement withdrawals)
Years until Portfolio runs dry = years after retirement
If you get a result NaN (Not a Number!), it means your portfolio will last forever (!)

What are your chances of becoming an octogenarian :^) ?
(Based upon 1997 U.S. Dept of Health figures)
Your current Age = years
Enter: 1 of you're female
0 if you're male      
How many more years would you like to live = years
Probability of surviving that many years = %

You're retired and want the Maximum LIF Income (for Ontarions only):
Your Age (on Jan 1) =     CANSIM long bond rate = %     Jan 1 LIF = $
Maximum Annual LIF Income = %   x (January 1 balance)

There's a money-back guarantee on the accuracy of these calculators :^)
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The above calculators give ballpark figures. See Saving for Retirement and Years to Zero and Life Expectancy and Retirement Expenses