Reincarnation       ... and your portfolio

Once upon a time (on a Motley Fool discussion forum) I mentioned that, were I to be reincarnated a thousand times, I'd make a killing in the market, on average.
>You believe in reincarnation?
No. My point was this:

Looking at historical data and/or using Monte Carlo to provide some insight into the future evolution of the market as well as mathematical gesticulations and cerebral machinations and ...

>Your point is?
My point is that our future is a single timeline and averaging over a jillion possible timelines may provide us with some kind of "Best Strategy", but ...

>Hence the jillion reincarnations, right?
Right. However, to emphasize my point, here's an online Excel spreadsheet to play with.


It's about 200 Kbytes ... so wait a few seconds

>I take it you use your patented technique?