on Quacks and Human Ignorance
... or Keep an Open Mind  

In 1928, Alexander Fleming noticed that mold had killed bacteria in a culture he had prepared. He isolated the mold and found that it could be used to treat many different diseases caused by bacteria … but he was unable to explain why. He published his findings in 1929, but, because he had no explanation for why it worked, the medical community ignored his findings for over ten years. Since that time the world knows his discovery as penicillin and Fleming received the Nobel prize in 1945.

For thousands of years the ancient art of acupuncture was practiced in China, to treat painful conditions of arthritis, headaches, migraines, etc. There was, of course, no explanation as to why this treatment worked. Indeed, to treat a headache a Chinese acupuncturist would place a needle in a finger, leaving Western doctors shaking their heads in disbelief. Western medical experts continued to ignore acupuncture until 1972 when President Nixon visited China. During that visit a reporter underwent emergency medical treatment for acute appendicitis … and the doctors that accompanied Nixon were amazed to find that the Chinese doctors used acupuncture as an analgesic. Since then it is accepted that electric currents run through the body, amplified at certain “acupuncture points” and that needles inserted at these points can influence the currents. There is now as explanation as to why. Today, acupuncture is a recognized treatment in the West.

There's a mad scientist called John Hutchison who (apparently) has built anti-gravity (and other strange) devices.
Is there something scary or dangerous about that?
No one can explain how it works ... so, in March, 2000 his lab was ransacked by government police.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has a theory concerning cancer ... and its cure.
There's definitely something scary or dangerous about that!
In September, 2004 he was put in jail. He was accused of: "agitation against medical science and instigation of the New Medicine, with the purpose of its practice"

In 1931 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife succeeded in isolating a microbe (now called a virus) from 20,000 cancerous tissue samples. He published his findings in 1944 along with a description of his universal microscope where one could actually see the microbes. (This microscope, first presented to the world in 1933, was the most powerful optical microscope ever made.) At that time the current theory was that a microbe (or virus) could not change its size or shape. The fact that one could actually observe these changes take place with Rife’s microscope did not change the mind of the medical community! Indeed, under the universal microscope disease organisms such as those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, streptococcus, typhoid, staphylococcus, leprosy, hoof and mouth disease, and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain frequencies. Dr. Rife was of the opinion that these microbes were not the cause of debilitating ailments, but that they upset the natural balance of the body making it susceptible to disease. In other words, in many cases the body is capable of healing itself … if properly stimulated. There is no completely satisfactory explanation as to why certain frequencies can enable the healing of certain ailments and, for this, reason the medical community has ignored and ridiculed Rife. Nevertheless, there are (finally!) Rife Research Societies in many countries ( U.K., Germany, U.S., Canada, etc) and increasing interest in Rife-like machines:

June, 2000
The U. S. Food and Drug Administration initiates studies into the effects of ultrasound on microbe populations.

November, 2002
USA Today reports that radio waves are used in surgical operations.

December, 2002
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discover that radio waves can switch cell processes on and off.

January, 2003
Scientists in Northern Ireland discover that electric fields and ultrasound can kill cancerous cells in mice.

The human body is such a magnificent machine, its internal workings mostly unknown, what causes it to become susceptible to certain ailments a mystery
… yet, it is imperative that we learn what we can and identify those procedures that ease the pain and suffering and encourage their use … even if we know not why.

An interesting example:
July, 2003
Patients undergoing bone-marrow transplants report less pain and nausea if they take part in music therapy.

The human body (and other such bodies) have an "aura" which can be viewed (perhaps!) with Kirlian Photography. **
It seems natural, then, that these energy fields might be manipulated ... somehow.
Indeed, a method promoted by Dr. Choa Kok Su called Pranic Healing attempts to do just that. http://www.pranichealingontario.ca/

**   There's a neat illustration of what may be a global aura, here: Global Consciousness