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Thanks to Chet K for finding a bug :^)

There's a neat way to download Yahoo stock data into a spreadsheet and, since my computer crashed a while ago and I lost the (old/klunky) spreadsheet where I've kept track of my portfolio, I thought I'd use these Yahoo tags to create a new spreadsheet.

>You lost the spreadsheet? You didn't back up your files? That's pretty stoopid. I mean ...

Pay attention.

I used the Yahoo download ritual in my new spreadsheet and added another sheet with my portfolio info and the Yahoo data gets transferred to ...

>And what does it look like?

It looks like this
and can be downloaded by doing a RIGHT-click and Save Target, on the picture at the right.

P.S. It's a DRAFT so beware ... but it's fun and seems to work okay.

You can see an explanation here
and the Yahoo download sheet here.

>And that's YOUR portfolio?
Hardly. It's an example, an invention, of what somebuddy might do with the spreadsheet ...

>I see Worldcom in there! Is that what somebody might do?

Go back to sleep.


It's assumed that, although you can update the spreadsheet with the latest prices at any time, you want to keep Friday's closing prices, then add another column for each new week by clicking the Next Week button and ...


Here's another (perhaps more sanitary) version

The explanation(s) are similar to the earlier version noted above.
It's neat to download some benchmark as well as your own holdings.

Also, it'll download the foreign exchange rate in case you're holding assets denominated in a foreign currency.

Every time you make a trade or add new money or withdraw money, you enter:

  • The amount you hold in Cash
  • The number of shares you hold
  • Click the Sort button
At the end of each week, you click the Next Week button

>Then you pray that it works, right?

Click the picture to download