Portfolio vs Index
motivated by e-mail from John M..

Though I've generated spreadsheets that download a bunch of stock info for purposes of analysis and ...

>Yeah, so?
Well, I've never really done one where you have a portfolio of, say fifteen stocks (with particular allocations) and compared it to an index.
So ... here's one:

Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet

There's an explain sheet like so:

>Never done it before? Your memory ain't just bad, it's ...
Yeah, yeah, I know, there's this, but it don't give the neat charts for all the portfolio assets.

>'nough said.
Yeah, but I should point out that, unlike previous stuff, this spreadsheet considers the possibility that you're interested in stocks on, say, the U.K. exchange
... so there's a foreign exchange rate thingy in case you're in the U.K. and investing in U.S. and U.K. stocks and ...

>Is that important?
Well, I guess not. The percentage changes in stock price will be the same whether the price is in pounds, dollars or Renminbi.

>And the comparison ... your Portfolio vs an Index?
It's there, too.


If you look here you'll find some stuff on "Drawdown". It's a neat idea and (motivated by email from Horace M.) I've added it to this spreadsheet so that ...

>What's it look like?
Like so: