Pillow Stock

When I look back at all that stuff on Safe Withdrawal Rates (SWR), I shudder to think of the time I spent trying to ...

>I could tell you other things you did that you should shudder about.
Pay attention. I'd like to try a different tack.
Forget about extracting some numbers from the past and trying to devise some "safe" withdrawal scheme.
Forget about generating a SWR of 4.567% then sticking your head in the sand and withdrawing at that rate - no matter what.
Forget about ...

>What's your point?
What I'd like to do is see how well a portfolio would have done had you invested in pillow stock.
You stcik your money under a pillow and withdraw 1/120 of it each month.
It'll last 10 years, right? (In case you didn't know, 10 years is 120 months.)
Now compare that with investing in some stock and see if ...

>Do you have a spreadsheet?
The spreadsheet looks like this (where you can click on the picture to download it):