Penny Stocks
Motivated by curiosity
I happened to be browsing the net ... or is it surfing?  
Anyway, I ran across a list of "hot" penny stocks and ...

>Huh? Penny stocks?
Them's stocks that sell for less than a buck ... or, at least, less than $5.
So I made up a list
Then, after exhausting exhaustive analysis I bought one, namely Grande Cache Coal, out of Alberta.

>Coal? You're kidding, right?
Not at all. It's quite a bit of fun!
Consider this:
  • There is more stored energy in Canadian coal than all the country's oil, natural gas, and oil sands combined.
  • The price of coal is expected to double by the end of 2009.
  • Canadian hard coking coal producers have secured a provisional price for fiscal 2008 of US$225 a tonne, a gigantic increase from US$98 in 2007.
  • Recent prices in the spot market have topped US$300 a tonne.
  • Over 50% of the U.S. electricity production is generated from coal.
  • GCE has increased its production by 50% over the past year.
  • The average GCE cost of production during the quarter was $50 per tonne, down from $62 per tonne in the previous quarter.
And here's the clicker:
On April 10, 2007 (that's about a year ago, right?) GCE stock closed at 46 cents.
Yesterday (April 1, 2008) it closed at $4.70.
Mamma mia! An increase by more than a factor of 10 !!!
>April 1? Isn't that April Fool's Day?
Uh ... yeah. You're right. Mebbe I should be careful, eh?
But how many stocks have increased by nearly 1000% in a year?
I figure: "Move over Warren Buffett!"

>Yeah? Well I figure: "Move over April Fool!"
We'll see, eh?
Did I mention that, as I write this, the stock's up 10% from yesterday?
Let's see ... 10% per day for, say, 250 market days. Mebbe I'll take on Bill Gates ...

>So I assume you throw darts to pick your penny stock?
You got it!.
I also play with this spreadsheet: (Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet.)

I type in a gaggle of stock symbols, click a button, look at various ratios, like (Current Price) / (52-week Low) and (52-week High) / (52-week Low), colour them that look interesting and ...
>Ya, I get it. And then you throw darts, right?