My Stocks

Here's a file you can download to get charts of your stocks.

It looks like so:

For example, here's the real thing: my stocks.

Download the .ZIPd file below, stick it in a folder on your PC, then double-click on it - it'll expand into five files called:
You'll be clicking on my-stocks to get your charts.

After unZIPing, you'll want to modify the list of stocks. Use a simple-minded text editor (like Notepad, for a PC) and change the stocks in the file called: my-stocks-charts.htm

This file has a bunch of paragraphs which look like this:

where I've indicated, in bold, the items which get replaced by your own stock symbols.
The single p, as in p/pcti is the first letter of the stock symbol.
Also, for stocks on the Toronto exchange, append .to to the stock symbol: for example

Anyway, if'n yer ready, here are the files, all .ZIPd into one

to download the file: "my-stocks.ZIP".