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Once upon a time I used more than my quota of disk space at golden.net, so I stuck spreadsheets on geocities.com.

Alas, geocities.com fussed over allowing too many downloads (there are sometimes dozens, each day) ...

I was reluctant to buy more disk space (it cost me $600 / year for space on golden.net).

P.S. #1

I've suggested to my wife that I could remove pictures of our grandkids, but when her eyes glazed over I knew that wasn't an option ...

P.S. #2

One of these days, gummy_stuff will no longer be available (I'm gittin' more decrepit every day)
... so download everything you like. It's free, eh?  
Eventually, I stuck everything on www.gummy.0catch.com (including spreadsheets).
                  (There were lots of ads but what the hell heck. It was 100 MBytes of free disk space!)

Then ...

In June, 2004 everything was put on a new website: gummy-stuff.org


From time to time I correct errors update a spreadsheet (or a tutorial).
ALL the updated stuff lives on the gummy-stuff.org site ... NOT on gummy.0catch or geocities !!


Many spreadsheets have macros. Be sure to take a peek here


There are ZIP'd versions of some spreadsheets here.
Many "older" tutorials refer to the ZIP'd versions.


I've tried to remove all links to geocities and/or gummy.0catch (in them "older" tutorials) ... but I may have missed some.