What's Hot ... and What's Not

I really like coloured stuff, where you can see what's up just by checking out the colour and ...

I mean, like Coloring Things. Remember when we did that?

No matter. I just thought it'd be neat if we did this:

  • Pick, say, ten stocks or indexes and download prices for the last umpteen days.
  • Calculate, for each, the N-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) ... where you choose N.
  • Calculate, for each, the recent values of Price / EMA to see when it's big and when it's small.
  • Stick all this into a coloured chart, like so:
>Don't tell me! Red is hot, right?
Yes, and Blue ain't.

>So what determines whether a stock is hot ... or not?
You tell the spreadsheet and ...

>Why not just show the spreadsheet?
Good idea

>And, as usual, click the picture to download the spreadsheet, right?

>And SemiC is hot?
Semiconductors? How would I know? I have my own patented technique.