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about the Spreadsheets


about these TUTORIALS Just some explanatory notes ...
the spreadsheets Where you can find them ...
Mortgagesin Lower Slobbovia
MIRRThat's IRR, fiddled.
IRR... revisited
from Open to HighHow High, eh?
Flight LevelsCalculating altitude from air pressure
the Blake RitualPrice Persistence, eh?
Bit TorrentHuh?
Drops: Close to OpenThen what?
Stock TrackingWatch prices changes
Darvas boxes... or gummy boxes?
Back to the FutureComparing to the past
Pillow StockPut your $$ under a pillow (?)
Monthly ReturnsHow'd they go?
Mutual FundsCanadian, eh?
OLEDOrganic LEDs
Milankovitch... and his cycles.
a Time MachineHuh?
VDXRemember this guy?
moving CAGRHow they change, eh?
EarthquakesHow to measure 'em
BIG gains?When were they?
Searching for stock patternsFind your favourite!
Stock down, then up, then ...... time to buy?
January predicts... maybe
Jensen's alphaBest (?) performers
Avatar... the movie
A stock screener... sorta
ComputersWhat I larned
S&P500Average daily volume (?)
Fund DataDownload interesting stuff
Investors ...... how do they think?
Stock Indexesyet another one (or two?)
HalloweenScary ... or what?
Irrationality... in decision-making
Monthly returnsDistributed ... how?
Central Limit TheoremA classy result!
LevyAnother distribution.
a Coal IndexMake your own Index
Guess!Guess the stock price.
Stocks & EllipsesInteresting containment, eh?
Correlation between 2 stocksUseful ... maybe?
Buying StrategiesInvent your own!
Gain-Loss SpreadAnother risk measure
Candlestick CombosFind 'em!
a coin flippin strategyBuy on Heads, Sell on Tails
Following the Trenda Buy & Sell ritual
Which Price to use?Open? Close? (1/3)Open + (2/3)Close?
Another candlesticka la Heikin-Ashi
Poker OddsTexas Hold'em, eh?
Standard Error(s)Trying to understand the K-Ratio
CORDIC stuffHow do computers calculate?
some CalculatorsHow long to double? Triple?
the High/Low Oscillator... fiddled.
a Quizto see if'n you been listening.
Dividends... historical.
Musings(Brought on by old age?)
Exchange Rate... historical.
200-day MASimplest Moving Average
Turtle TradingWhat is it?
DOW futuresWhat are they?
Smile!Do volatilities smile?
Volatilities... for 30 stocks (or more).
Selling CallsCovered ... and out-of-the-money
Go to sleep... and wake up to a profit.
Financial meltdown... and what to buy?
Portfolio EvolutionRandom and Actual: compared
Missing the best days... or the worst
Buy & SellDo it yourself calculations
Option thingsNecessary CAGR to make money?
Safe Withdrawal RatesQuick & Dirty
Stock Attractorregression line as a magnet
More on CorrelationsCorrelation Babel ...
Market Musingsa look at the past (and future?)
Candlesticks and CrashesCan you find a pattern?
Mkt Crashes... a la Sornette
gEMA Moving AverageAnother moving average ???
Monte Carlo... while you're investing
Gains & LossesThe bestest and worstest.
the DOW vs the WorldDoes the DOW influence world markets?
a Duffing oscillatorMarket waves ... and chaos.
Other Moving AveragesThere are jillions of 'em !!
Bonds? Stocks?Take your pick.
Predicting next monthIs there a "best" predictor?
Path VolatilityDifferent route, different volatility
the Chaikin Oscillator... and Volume Flows
India Stocks... an attempt to download from BSE or NSE.
ETFs... and their Net Asset Value
WaveletsBuild a time series with wavelets
penny StocksThey can be fun!!
DSODaily Stock Oscillation
Predicting Highs & LowsThe search for "cousins"
DSA#2yet another Daily Stock Activity
Technical Analysis... a few TA things, charted.
Historically Compare... then predict the future.
ACBan Adjusted Cost Base calculator
DownloadOpen, High, Low & Closing prices
ADXAverage Directional Movement thing
CAGR & DrawdownIs there a relationship?
CAGR & VolatilityIs there a relationship?
Correlations, correlations ...Which one to use?
DSADaily Stock Activity (?)
Buy & Sella Strategy that (sometimes) works
Volatility Pumping... to Beat the Market, eh?
Portfolio ContestsThis is great fun!
Rent?... or keep the house?
Risk, eh?What is this thing called "Risk"??
DrawdownIt was worser in the past
Historical ComparisonDoes the present look like the past?
RebalancingYes or No?
Return on InvestmentsIRR or XIRR or what?
a Modified BollingerBollinger Bands revisited
Money ManagementHow much to Buy ... or Sell?
Donchian ChannelsIdentifying UP- and DOWN-trends
the Ulcer IndexAn ulcer-generating risk measure
Market CrashesCan they be predicted?
Fed Rates... and the probability of a change
Expense Tracker... might be a handy spreadsheet (?)
Multiple DownloadsDownload a bunch of stock prices
the Stock and the PillowWhat allocation Pillow?
gDOWanother DOW Index
Black SwansHuh?
DMADisplaced Moving Average
Sectorsa la Fidelity
Kalman filterlinear estimation
Asset volatilityGood or Bad?
Stock TalkListen to stock info.
Contour plotscourtesy of FundTalker
Return Data... to play with.
BacktestingA neato spreadsheet!
a bug?... in XIRR
Buy or Rent?Take your pick!
downsideBetadownside Who?
Regression stuffCan you trust historical data?
R-squared... and causal relationships.
Portfolio TrackerA simple tracker.
Sister StocksTry to find 'em !
Correlations?between Prices or Returns?
ATPAll Time Periods
Stock ChartsStock Charts: a collection
Drawdown... as a measure of risk.
Short InterestPretty selling-short pictures
Stochastic DominanceWhat is it?
Serial Correlation... and Monte Carlo
Capital Gains & DividendsTax considerations
Multiple downloadMake your own calculations!
Ito & OptionsWhat's a Call option worth ... in the future
Trade LogKeep track of your trades
g-RiskAnother kind of "risk"
maxima... for tougher Math !!
eigenMathLet it do your Math !!
Your Portfolio... versus an Index.
Five year analysisBest days? Best months?
Correlations... between 30 stocks.
What Returns?There are SO many of 'em !
Net Present ValueWhat is it?
Multiple Returns... and fictitious returns!
Toss 10,000 coins just to see what happens
Sortino Ratioversus Sharpe ratio
Trends and when they Ends
Loansand Newton's Method
Volatility and correlation with the Market
Buy in the Falland Sell in the Spring
SADworst months - by country
Canadian Returnsand "safe" withdrawals.
Exchange Ratesa spreadsheet.
Noise in stock returnsHow to measure it?
Stocks go Up & Down... but how often?
DCA... or all-at-once?
Predicting stock prices... using the Laplace distribution.
30 stocksDownload and construct a portfolio
Buy & Sell signals... using candlesticks.
Monte CarloWhich returns to use?
TrafficLightsWhen to Buy, Sell or Hold
Predicting Prices... and other stuff
Average ReturnsDo you trust 'em?
Average True Range... and a fiddled version
Moving Averagesa spreadsheet to play with
Gann charts... or the Square of Nine
PCAPerfectly Confusing Anal... Principal Component Analysis
Risk, eh?What is it?
ODEa differential equation (?!)
Making Money(Just kidding!)
Market DownProbability of price decreases, eh?
MomentumAn investment strategy (maybe)
MFIMoney Flow Index
Velocity of TradesMoving to a price target (maybe)
Price Probabilitiesand related stuff
Pairs TradingThe long and short of it
A.I.M.A Buy & Sell strategy
Linear Regression... for umpteen variables
Pivot Pointsand resistance and support levels
Time Weighted ReturnsWhat are they?
Covariances... a spreadsheet
an option problemWhat's the annualized return?
Black-Littermana model for asset allocation
Yield stuffBuy this ... or that?
MC stuffMonte Carlo for a dozen stocks
very safe withdrawals... guaranteed!
YTD... and XIRR
DGISDividend Growth Investment Strategy
IRR... and NPV
Stock SplitsThen what?
re-Ordering annual returnsand then what?
Perfect CorrelationHow to get it, eh?
Spearman Rank Correlationagain!
Copulas ... more of 'em
Correlationsand Copulas!
2 stocksand Monte Carlo
Raff regressionto identify trends
Active or PassiveWhich Fund is better?
Sam retires... and plays with Monte Carlo
PVa Present Value problem
Coin tossing... and Reversion to the Mean
P&F chartsHuh? Whazzat?
CEFsClosed End Funds
rMAAnother moving average
Stock DataDownload & Calculate
Returns formulaTest your formula(s) !
PE Ratiosand Bond Rates
Risk... and volatility
CandlesticksFun stuff!!
Hikkakeand candlestick
Risk ≠ Standard Deviation !!
DeletionsDeleting the best and worst days
Hurst exponentWhat is it?
Implied Volatilityversus Historical
RS indicator... and other ratios
What's hot?and what's Not?
EMA... the magic formula (?)
Time DiversificationWhat is it?
reBalancing... good or bad?
Aroon IndicatorWhen is the stock gonna go up (or down)?
Templeton22 investment maxims
Doom & GloomIs it justified?
optionsin the money
Volatilityand the square-root-of-time
gRANK... revisited
Colouring... financial things
hedgingto reduce volatility, eh?
Johnson curves... and probability distributions
regretWhat is it !&$%#@?
the Stutzer Indexto rank a portfolio
YTD... and XIRR
Buy an annuityA good idea ... or not.
Deja vu... all over again
Coherent RiskWhat is it!
Maximum Withdrawals... more on this stuff
world's worst investor... that's ME!
E10-P stuff... more on this stuff
E10/PE10/P and Safe Withdrawal Rate(s)
TV stuffabout them new fangled TVs
SeasonalityDo prices depend upon the season?
Nobel Prize... for 2003
myPortfolioWell ... your portfolio
a Contesta Portfolio Contest spreadsheet
Weekly Stuffstock stuff, weekly
Options... and Volatility
Stock Stuffstock ... stuff
PreMarket... and predicting the opening price
Fat Tails... and how to get 'em
Parabolasfitting them to stock prices
Bonds... and Interest Rates
Returns and Volatility... the effect of volatility on CAGR
gRANK... revisited
Asset Correlation... and diversification
a GamePlay the Efficient Frontier game
reSampling EfficiencyreSampling the Efficient Frontier
Omega... a characteristic of distributions: Gain / Loss
Pensions... and Life Annuities
LiquidityAmivest Liquidity Ratio
Put OptionsWhat's the Break Even ?
XIRRXIRR and ROR stuff
Approximationapproximation to Normal/Lognormal distributions
FOREXTrading in Foreign Exchanges
Monte CarloShould we believe MC predictions?
forecastingAn attempt at forecasting
GMSGeomagnetic Storms (and the markets)
sorta VAVariations on Value Averaging and DCA
SWRMore on Safe Withdrawal Rates (!)
gDXVariations on a theme
Constant ReturnsWhen are they better?
Put/Call RatiosDo they predict market movement?
Bayes' Theorem... and (maybe) the Market
reorderingWhat happens when you reorder returns?
Covariance... and Correlation and R-squared stuff
SWR"Safe" withdrawal rates (again)
FOREXDownload Foreign Exchange Rates from Yahoo
Stock stuffGet a bunch of data on a stock
betaDon't trust it (?)
CAGRAnnualized Returns.
VDXVDX ... and other stuff
Stocks and BondsWhat's the meaning of a "best" mix?
EPSForecasting EPS ... maybe
Another Distribution... with fatter tails
Zweig's RuleZweig's 4% (and other) Rules
Return DistributionsGenerating Return Distributions
WWWA (wee) history of the World Wide Web
Future PricesPredicting future prices :^)
Wilshire 5K / GDPYet another ratio to see if the market is overpriced.
Call OptionsWhich to buy ?
BernoulliLift, on an airplane wing
downloaddownload a webpage to Excel
Bachelierthe Father of Financial Stuff
to Marslaunch an Explorer to Mars :^)
forecastingPredicting moving averages etc.
XIRR, not DietzDon't do the Dietz!
DCA vs LumpSumDCA over 12 months, eh?
Williams %RBuy & Sell a la Williams
BetaBeta and the "Best line" fit to data
Spearman CorrelationLooking for common trends
BollingerAbout Bollinger Bands
Special SumVolatility of the sum of n stock prices
gRANKAssorted PEG-type Ratios
Huh?How many trades to win?
Gold!Gold: is it cheeep?
RTMReversion to the Mean (?)
OktoberfestOctober ... again!
Another strategyA withdrawal strategy.
Buying for lessEffect on your annual return.
FractalsFascinating stuff!
XIRRComments on calculating portfolio returns.
a Coverup?... interesting questions ...
CointegrationIdentifying trends & stuff
Monte Carlo... random musings
a Small World... ain't it?
RelativityEinstein says ...
the DOW goes up (down)How often does the DOW go up N days-in-a-row?
Inflationincorporating inflation
Monte Carloa simple-minded Monte Carlo spreadsheet
Cash in an AnnuityConverting (some) annuity to a lump sum payment?
CPIInflation and REAL returns
Bond ConvexityWhatzzat?
Standard DeviationSD of Returns vs SD of Prices
Reordering Returns... then what?
SWRsSafe Withdrawal Rates (again!)
PortfolioTrack your portfolio investments
Sharpe RatioMaximize allocations a la Sharpe Ratio ... maybe!
Retiring?List your expenses
Safe WithdrawalsThis topic ... again!
Median ReturnsCalculate the median return (maybe)
Sam and SallyDie early ... and live it up!
VAMore Value Averaging (!)
Ito CalculusRandom stuff: stochastic processes, Brownian motion, Black-Scholes ...
Simple DownloadDownload data
DerivativesWhat are they?
WithdrawalsMax Rate of Withdrawal ... and Life Expectancy
MiscellanySome financial calculation rituals ...
Asset Allocation... and John Nash
Sector RotationIs there a good strategy?
RESPsEducation Saving Plans
Value at RiskWhatzzat?
ReincarnationA strategy to make a killing ...
Do the DietzModified Dietz Return calculations.
Asset AllocationThe "best" mix ... maybe.
Stock/Bond ratioThe "best" mix ... maybe.
PEG RatiosWhat do they mean?
Elliott WavesRide the Waves !
CrashesMarket Waves ... and crashes !
WavesFinding periodicity in stock prices ... or NOT
KurtosisSkew and Kurtosis - whattzat?
Rebalance-when?Is there a best time?
Santa ClausDoes St. Nick have a rally?
Kelly RatioHow much to invest in your next trade?
Moving AveragesFind the best (maybe :^)
ODEsDifferential Equations
DistributionStock Returns ... Normal? Lognormal? What?
Stock PricesDistribution of Stock Prices (maybe)
Ratio Call WritingWrite Calls, Buy the Stock
a Magic SumIt's magic, eh?
ApproximationsApproximations to portfolio evolution.
Coin tossingToss a coin ... and get your return!
Return PredictorUsing historical returns as predictors
Rebalancing BonusThe bonus in rebalancing (?)
Portfolio BluesDOWN she goes, UP she goes ...
Bond CalculatorsPlay with a calculator or three
AllocationsPlay with (historical) allocations
Download dataa neat way to get Yahoo data
Option stuff... just a comment or two ...
Monte, againMonte Carlo ... again!?
Bond LaddersWhat kind of financial equipment is it?
DCA and VADollar Cost and Value averaging
CAPMa Capital Asset Pricing Model
Dividend DiscountWhat price, stock?
Asset ConcentrationShould you concentrate on one Asset Class?
Utility TheoryYour personal optimization?
Option StrategiesWhat's the probability of losing?
Life Expectancy... and Life Annuities
Latin Hypercubeanother method to sample returns
Stock Evolutionthe Binomial Distribution ... and stock growth
Black-Scholesthe Black-Scholes option pricing formula
Risks & RewardsAnother Risk / Reward Ratio
Risk/Reward Ratio(s)How many are there?
Try an annuityShould you buy an annuity?
Save for RetirementPart II ... it ain't easy !!
Maximum Withdrawalsthe Maximum Rate of Withdrawal is ... what?
Sensible WithdrawalsSafer withdrawals ... and more Monte Carlo.
Asset CorrelationIs correlation good or bad?
P/E & Bond Rates?Is the market over-priced?
Growth vs ValueOptimal (golden) Ratios
Growth vs ValueSlice and Dice ...
BondsSome stuff on Bonds
another Frontier... to minimize Risk
Efficient Frontier... to minimize Volatility
Passive or Active MFsTake your pick!
Another distributionTake your pick!
Equal-weighted IndicesBetter or worser?
Monte Carlo simulationa spreadsheet by the Count of Monte Carlo
Normal/LognormalWhich is the better fit to market returns?
Random?Are the markets random?
Volume weightinginclude VOLUME in Moving Averages: ADX=>VDX
R-squared.htmCovariance, Correlations and Beta.
Mutual Fund figuresHow does YOUR gain compare to the Mutual Fund - or The DARK SIDE of DCA
RotationRotating Portfolio components.
Life ExpectancyDrop dead ... when?
a Strategya Strategy to avoid big losses ... maybe.
Invest EarlyStart investing early ... for your retirement.
Bond Yieldsan Inverted Yield curve predicts a recession?
Re-BalancingSell the good stuff to buy the bad.
the Rule of 72How long to double, triple?
Reversion/RegressionDoes Reversion to the Mean apply to the market?
P/E ratioWhat's P/E ... and how to get one for an Index?
Stocks & BondsIs there a "best" mix?
Annualized ReturnHow to calculate it.
Rate of ReturnHow to calculate it accurately ... and Dietzly.
Mean, Annualized & SDWhat's the relation?
Average GainsThink "Annualized", not "Average".
a Random WalkWhat is it?
Save for Retirement?What fraction of your salary should you save?
Safe(?) WithdrawalsYou're retired: What's a Safe Withdrawal rate?
about Risk?Risk, Volatility and Standard Deviation.
What's RISK?Risk Measures ... or "A Mathematician's Folly"
a Break Even StrategyTrying to Break Even in the market :^)
Market IndexesHow to calculate 'em.
Best and Worst MonthsThe effect of missing the "best" or "worst" months?
OR     Market Timing: good or evil?
Portfolio Growth/DecayHow does your Portfolio grow:
Constant & Random gains.
Value Averaging How does it compare to DCA: Dollar Cost Averaging?
Excel charting A spreadsheet: how I chart.
HTML Praxis Hyper Text Markup Language: The language of the Net.
HTML overview The language of the Net: a summary
Technical AnalysisInvesting ... by the charts.
Lessons in C What I larned about this $!@*&% computer language.
Years to ZeroHow long will your portfolio last? (the MATH)
Mortgages How much do you pay? (the MATH)
Life Annuities How much do you get? (Approximately!)
Volume-weighted AveragingThe average price paid for a stock.
a Wave TheoryDo stock prices have periodicity?
Adjusted Cost BaseHow to calculate this guy.
LIF MaximaHow to calculate this guy.
LeveragingBorrow to invest? How much does it cost? (the MATH)
Bond DurationWhat is it?! (the MATH)
Invest inside or outside an RRSP (the MATH)
Biotech Stock ValuationHow much is a biotech stock worth?
Best FitFitting "the best" straight line to some data.
DCA Part 1Dollar Cost Averaging.
DCA Part 2Dollar Cost Averaging ... for masochists.
Geosynchronous satellitesWhere are they?
the DOW indexHow now?
Computersa (wee) History of Computers
the Mathies hardly a tutorial ... but wee bios of famous mathematicians.
Calculus a course.
about Call OptionsWhat I larned 'bout trading in Options.
Vedic mathA fascinating way to do math

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Neato spreadsheets
read 'em all!
Assets? What assets?
1928-2000 ... roughly
S&P 500 Stocks
as of Feb/04

World Market Indices
Market Indices

Mamma mia!
After a BAD year ... what?

for Excel (and some stuff for Mathies)
Bottom Fishin'?
the DOW
Last Five Days: graphs
Chart your stocks
Absolutely FREE!!
Ballpark estimates!
... hardly investments, eh?
Wanna corvette?
Investor Links, what else?
Everything y'all wanted to know 'bout Hi Tech
Commit to memory!
Do you live by them?
Get wealthy!
Poor Joe :^(
Need new glasses?
Short reads

A simple
Java Script Calculator

a Gulf War  

Lively Talk
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Lively Talk
Retire Early
Good stuff to read
For the Do-it-Yourself Investor
For the Do-it-Yourself Investor
For the Do-it-Yourself Investor
For the Do-it-Yourself Investor
For the Do-it-Yourself Investor
Neat charts!
Great charts

Statistical Stuff
by Richard Lowry

a neat
Statistics Handbook

Financial Math
by John Norstad

Financial Planning
by El Toro

the Past
by Ozark

by Peter Vann


International news

URL extensions

by Gordon Sinclair

who are they?


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Darwin Awards

Spoof News

Aljazeera cartoons

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Some are REALLY ancient ...
Some Markets
Equity Classes
20 years of (U.S.) asset classes

Another 20 years

and a Sector Test!

and Sector Rotation
is an illusion

Annual & Annualized Returns
the TSE, with dividends!

Historical Returns

by the month
TSE Gains
S&P Gains
a comparison

Best/Worst months?



Bulls 'n Bears
1929 Crash
From 1924 to 1934, y'all make money on the DOW!
1973-74 Bear
Then there's:
1929 vs 1987
E/P vs T-bonds
Their evolution
fifty years worth
the DOW
during World War II

the MER Monster
The Management Expense Ratio can eat up much of your "potential" portfolio.
visit the thread
MER and a one time investment
How much does MER eat?
MER Eats N%
How many years before MER eats N%?
A 3% MER: how much does it eat?

a MER spreadsheet
At R% MER: how much does it eat?

MER and a $1K investment
after the MER eats its share
MER and $1K/yr DCA
after the MER eats its share
MER meals; for DCA investing
For periodic, fixed contributions to your portfolio ...
Dependence upon Investment Return?
For DCA investing, does MER consumption depend upon your Return?
When do you run out of Money?
You have a portfolio worth umpteen bucks. You start withdrawing at a certain rate (the amount increasing with inflation).
How much do you need to save?
You save $1K/year for umpteen years. How much can you withdraw, at retirement?
See also:
Safe Withdrawals
Annuity or RRIF?
Should you buy an annuity? Maybe, when you're old enuff.
see explanation

Portfolio growth
in today's dollars

LIF & RRIF withdrawal rates
Max & Min for LIF
Min for RRIF

Your LIF Portfolio
withdrawing the MAXm.
See also
LIF Maxima
Getting Started
for new investors
by E l Toro
Some Comparisons
in the U.S Market
(cuz I only got data for that market!@#$)

Stocks or Bonds?
How soon do you run out of money?
Stocks=S&P. Bonds=long term, hi-grade, corporate
Mortgages ==>
about mortgages
How much have you paid?
after 20 years
Pick the BEST!
Note the best Mutual Fund of last year ... and invest in it this year! .
No? Then how 'bout
the best THREE of last year?
Follow the "best" Cdn Equity?
(How does it fare?)
Buy Fund #2?
Buy the fund which ranked #2 last year, or #3, or ...
Some Kinda
Value Averaging
Try to maintain a constant increase in your portfolio:
(NOTE: TOTAL portfolio includes Equity portion and any MM funds)
visit the thread

a Constant 8%
You DCA to maintain an 8% Equity portfolio growth. How well do you do compared to the TSE?
You'll need lotsa Money Market
How much Money Market is needed? (TSE)
Can you manage a 12% Equity growth?
With $1K/month AND lotsa MM to feed your Equity portfolio, how well do you do compared to investing in the TSE?
Value Averaging
Instead of a fixed percentage growth, you try for a constant portfolio increase. Compare with DCA. (DOW)
Annual Investment Required
DCA $1K/month requires $12K/year. How much (annual) money is required to maintain a $1K/month increase in your Equity portfolio? (TSE)
Average Unit Cost
(starting at $10)
Value Averaging DOES reduce the average price per unit! (TSE)
Wanna be a Millionaire?
Go from $0 to $1M in N=30 years, maintaining a prescribed portfolio
P(n) = $1M(n/N)p
How large are your monthly contributions?
Your Desired Portfolio
Here's the Portfolio you're trying to maintain, for p=1.5
(assuming a market return of 9%/year)
Monthly Contributions?
How much must you contribute, for p=1.5?
Note that you actually REMOVE $34,253 from your Portfolio (by the time 30 years rolls around).
How about p=1?
... asking for a constant dollar increase each month
The REAL world!
where, instead of assuming a 9% return (and p=1), you invest in the TSE 300
Mamma mia!
Gilles' Charts
Find the "best" straight line fit to log(DOW); use that to see where the DOW is heading
an Explanation
the "best" straight line fit to log(DOW)
and now, for some
more stuff
implying that, by Oct/87, the TSE was overpriced ...
Does investing All-at-Once beat DCA over 10 months?
When is it better to invest all-at-once rather than DCA over ten months?
The wee rectangles indicate when.

Some DCA threads you can visit:
First This then This
How many months to DCA?
How often does "DCA over N months" beat "All-at-Once" (meaning DCA over 1 month).
An explanation

A thread about RISK 'n such:
What's RISK?
Randy's Question:
How often does DCA over N months lose more than 5% (after the N months are over)?

another of Randy's Questions:
How often does DCA over N months lose more than 5% at the end of 18 months?

Regression to the Mean?
Is it true that Mutual Funds eventually become mediocre?
visit the thread
the BEST fund
where I track the best fund: does it regress to the mean?
the Median mutual fund
does it remain mediocre?
First Quartile Funds
Do funds in the first quartile remain there?
the Worst Fund
Does it improve its performance?
Do 2/3 of Returns lie within one Standard Deviation?
One often hears this comment from investment gurus. Is it true?
the TSE
How did it fare?
Cdn Small vs Large Cap: bar graph
Is there a correlation?
Cdn Small vs Large Cap: line graph
Mebbe with a line graph?
Mostly ... end

Drag your mouse from X to O
X Diversification is a protection against ignorance ... Warren Buffett O

Drag your mouse from X to O
X Wide diversification is only required when investors
do not understand what they are doing.
... Warren Buffett O

Wills & Probate in Ontario
an easy to understand educational guide to investing and personal finance
another guide to financial stuff
Financial Calculators

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