gRANK ... and its relations, as of April 23, 2005

Once upon a time I looked at various financial ratios, trying to determine which of the DOW-30 would be the best bet for the near future.

>That was here, right?
Yes. So I figured I'd check in every once in a while ... and here's the latest:

Stock P/E PEG M/E 1000gPEG gNUM gRANK Stock P/E PEG M/E 1000gPEG gNUM gRANK
GE22.01.828.625.413432015 MSFT27.21.817.925.64145-2240
WMT19.41.110.615.7892636 C14.91.0??13.6740??
XOM15. INTC18.71.211.916.451401586
IBM15.21.512.721.620261502 JNJ24.21.812.725.6997386
PG21.41.812.625.21925544 KO21.62.515.535.31611870
MO13.61.49.819.91794-731 MRK12.
HD16.01.08.613.71435782 SBC15.52.97.640.73449-296
JPM20.51.2??16.52169?? HPQ17.81.411.719.444831012
MMM19.91.711.123.6713194 AXP18.31.315.217.71069852
DIS24.01.612.122.21891171 DD27.21.725.424.61205212
UTX18.01.510.021.61865672 MCD16.71.89.725.31916188
BA25.81.916.427.33182168 AAN/A1.5??20.92413??
CAT14.51.112.614.81226172 HON23.11.512.021.14309-10818
GMN/A37.2??525.256200?? IP34.63.59.549.23591-87
TN/A1.2-3.416.4479531 EK97.72.310.432.84787195
Best T C T C XOM T

>As I recall, you pick the smallest values, not the biggest, right?
Well, the smallest positive values.

>So you're going to buy XOM or T?
Of course not! This is just entertainment  

>And T has gRANK = 31. That's the best, right?
Among the DOW 30. But other stocks may have smaller (positive) values.
For example, ATYT has gRANK = 28 (as of mid-May, 2005).

>And I suppose ATYT has been going up for months, like XOM and T, right?