Mutual Funds

I've been downloading stuff from yahoo for years: stock data and U.S. mutual fund prices.
See, for example, this and this.

Although Yahoo provides some data for Canadian stocks, it doesn't provide prices for Canadian mutual funds.
When I wanted to generate a portfolio-tracking spreadsheet for my brother-in-law (and his Cdn mutual funds),
the only thing I could think of was to download an entire web page and pick out the fund price.

The resulting spreadsheet looks like this:

Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet.

You can type in a bunch of Yahoo stock symbols in column W and a FundKey in cell B2 and ..

>Huh? FundKey?
Uh, yes ... there's an explanation that looks like this:

Since my brother-in-law has his own spreadsheet, he only needs to add a single sheet (as shown above) to get the prices with the click of a button.
It'd also require including the macaroni macro which does all the work.
Then he'd get a bunch of stock prices and the price of the mutual fund ... with the click of a button.

>Just one mutual fund?
Well ... yes, so far.