Download Stock Data

I get e-mail asking for some calculations based upon a dozen or more stocks or mutual funds and ...

>So you point them to spreadsheet number N, right?
Well, actually, I don't have such a general purpose spreadsheet so ...

>So you made one.
Yes, and it looks like this:

Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet.

>Looks confusing. I mean ...
There's an Explain sheet which looks like this:

>What's in columns Q, R, S and T?

The spreadsheet comes with the 30 stocks on the DOW, but you can stick in your own stock symbols.

In any case, the numbers that you calculate (in cells H1 to H4)
are stuck in columns Q to T, like so

>Why the benchmark download?
In case somebuddy wants to compare stocks to the benchmark ... or whatever.

>And there's that money-back guarantee on the accuracy of the spreadsheet?
Always ...