Down then Up then Buy then Pray
At this time of year I'm looking for a nice stock to buy. Some guy who's down from his high over the past couple of years and ...

>And who continues down to $0!
No, he's coming back up, gangbusters, but has a way to go ... like this

>Big Up? Doesn't look that big to me.
From $10.80 to $0.39 to $3.22, that's big down and big up. In fact, it's a 70% drop followed by a 726% increase.

>That's a real stock?
Yes, indeed.

>Isn't that a standard pattern ... like teacups or something?
Cup and Handle? That one looks like this
Previous highs are regained, then a drop then ...

>Then the stock takes off, right?
If you can read the tea leaves.

>But Down Big then Up Big? Do you believe ...
Me? Believe? Of course ... and tooth fairies and Santa Claus..

Anyway, if'n you'd like to search for Down-then-Up patterns, there's a spreadsheet to play with:

>You expect the stock to revisit its high ... in the near future?
Uh ... certainly. Doesn't that always happen?

>So what do your call this Down then Up pattern?
I'm thinking ...
>Big Down Big Up is BDBU, so how 'about BaDaBoom? See? It's got that Boom at the end.
You're kidding.