Displaced Moving Average
motivated by email from Theo M.

It seems that moving averages, though of interest to many, have cousins that are also of interest in that ...

>Get to the point!
Okay, there's Displaced Moving Averages or DMA.
You look at the 7-day moving average and move it forward or backward in time by, say 5 days.
We'll call that the 7x5 DMA

The 7-day Moving Average and its displacement by +5 days might look like this:

Click on the picture to download the spreadsheet

You move a slider to change the MA and the Displacement.

>And how about negative displacements ... moving the average BACK in time?
Yeah, that too. To see what the the displaced 7-day MA might look like as you move the Displacement slider, click here.

>And you use this stuff all the time, right?
No, but it's interesting.