Candlesticks and Crashes
Remember when we talked about market crashes?

>How can I forget. You predicted a crash on June 17 and ...
Please forget that, okay? I should restrict myself to predicting crashes after the event, like everybuddy else.

>So? I assume you'd got another spreadsheet?
Of course, but this time we'll look at candlestick patterns before a crash.

>And is there a particular pattern before a crash?
I leave that up to you.

Click on the picture (below) to download the spreadsheet, then pick some ending date and move the slider to scan the patterns ...

>I see the 1987 crash! I also see a pattern which looks like ...
Don't tell me! I don't want to know.

You can control the number of Days Back with a slider. (That'll move the 3-week window back and forth.)

There's also a slider called Amplify that'll rescale the candlesticks, increasing the size of those that are associated with larger volumes.
The amount of rescaling is controlled by that slider and ...

>Is that useful?
I have no idea. If you don't find it useful, ignore it.

>I intend to!