Calculate THIS!

So I'm staring at my poor portfolio and thinking: "How long will it take to double or triple or ...

Okay, but if I had a return of R each week, over N weeks, then it'd increase by a factor: F = (1+R)N.

If you stick in any two of the numbers F, R or N you can calculate the third.
So I figured I'd just make a few calculators.

>What if your asset increased at R per YEAR? What then?
Actually, that magic formula is good for any period, days, weeks, months ... whatever.

Try them:
If you get a return R = % per period
and want your asset increase F =
it'll take periods.
If you get a return R = % per period
and you wait for N = periods
your asset will increase by a factor of
If you wanted an increase of F =
over N = periods
you'll need a return of % per period.

In my case, I saw that my stock went up 5% in a day. So I asked: "How many days to double?"

>I'd say about 14 days.
Hey! You used the calculator! Actually, it'd be 14 market days, so that's more like 3 weeks.