Buy and Sell Calculations
motivated by e-mail from Rick H.

Though I have a jillion spreadsheets that make a jillion calculations (including Buy & Sell signals), based upon downloaded data from Yahoo, it's neat to download data for a gaggle of stocks and let the user decide upon the parameters and the values that signal a Buy or a Sell and ...

>I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about!
Well, suppose:

  • You calculate the Sharpe Ratio for a bunch of stocks and identify those stocks for which it's greater than 0 (and call that a BUY) or less than 0 (and call that a Sell).
  • You calculate the MACD and identify the stocks for which it's greater than 0.1 or less than 0.1.
  • You calculate the RSI and identify the stocks for which it's greater than 70 or less than 30.
  • You calculate the Sortino Ratio and ...

>Okay, I get it. Then what?
Well, if'n you're willing to add your own calculations (for MACD, Stochastics, etc) and parameters (maybe 14-day averages or maybe 2 standard deviations) and the criteria for Buy and Sell (like the numbers above), then ...

>Then you got a spreadsheet, right?
Right. It looks like this ... click on the picture to download the spreadsheet

>I'm still confused.
There's an Explain sheet like so:

>Calculations sheet? What's that?

I forgot. It looks like this (with the colours added):

>And you're leaving the rest to ME?
You got it!!
>I think I'll buy Walmart!
Good luck.