Best Allocation       ... and what does BEST mean?

Once upon a time I wrote a tutorial on Sensible Withdrawals where I suggested that, after retirement, you withdraw at a rate which changes with market conditions and that you look at the historical data to see if ...

>Get to the point, please.
Well, JanSz asked that I modify the spreadsheet so it'll find the BEST asset allocation (chosen from Large Cap Growth, Small Cap Growth, T-bills, etc. etc. ... that data being embedded in the spreadsheet for the years 1928-2000).

Of course, different people have different ideas about what is best, so the (draft) spreadsheet has three definitions:

      Maximum Success Rate, Maximum Sharpe Ratio and Minimum Volatility.

>Maximum Success Rate?
Yes. You withdraw a certain percentage of your portfolio (each year for umpteen years) and you see what percentage (of a jillion Monte Carlo simulations) will result in a portolio that survives and the (draft) spreadsheet finds that allocation which maximizes this percentage. See?

Anyway, the spreadsheet is the same as the earlier "sensible withdrawals" spreadsheet, except that this (draft) spreadsheet has a piece that looks like this:

To download a .ZIPd version, RIGHT-click on the picture and Save Target.