Asset Classes

Once upon a time I did a chart of asset classes (here) so I figured I should ...

>Bring it up to date?

Yes ... and here it is:

>And what's that 45%+0%+0%+55%+0% ... in the top chart?
That's what I figure is the "best" allocation ... over the past twenty years.
>Assuming annual rebalancing, to maintain that allocation ?
>And do you think that'd be best in the future?
Wait'll I check.
>Yeah, funny ... but the volatility of those annual returns?
            That's over here    
Asset ClassStandard Deviation
500 Growth19.9%
500 Value15.0%
2000 Growth23.0%
2000 Value18.3%

>Suppose I just want to invest in, say the S&P 500 and ...?
And foreign? As in EAFE? Here's a chart ... about the last 20 years: