VDX ... and other stuff
A few years ago I wrote a tutorial (and generated an associated spreadsheet) which dealt with a kind of volume-weighted Directional Movement Indicator (DMI) which I called VDX. It gave Buy and Sell signals by comparing the recent history of daily highs and lows and whether the former increased more than the latter decreased and ...

>Was it any good?
Sometimes ... but that can be said about (almost) any strategy, eh?
Anyway, the signals appear in a chart, like Figure 1.

>And you're draggin' this up again - for what purpose?
Well ... the stock data was downloaded from yahoo and when I recently looked at the spreadsheet I noticed that the Yahoo format had changed ... and the spreadsheet didn't work good ... so I had to modify it.

>And you use this VDX stuff?
You kidding?

Figure 1

To download the .ZIPd spreadsheet, RIGHT-click HERE and "Save Target" or "Save Link".