Relative Strength Indicator ... and some other stuff
motivated by a discussion on ET

So there was this discussion about the so-called Relative Strength indicator and ...

That's RS = (Stock Price) / (Index Value) ... where the Index might be the DOW or TSE or whatever

In particular, comparing this ratio to what it was umpteen days ago ... hence calculating: RS(now) / RS(n-days-ago).
So I thought I'd ...

>Make a spreadsheet, right?
Well, yes and ...

>Why not just show the spreadsheet?

>What's that other ratio stuff?
That was suggested by Babak.
It follows R, the ratio of two of the stock prices. Pick any two symbols (from the four in C4-F4) and you get the moving average of R and ...

>Is there an explanation on the spreadsheet?
Well, yes.

>And I just click the picture of the spreadsheet to download it?
Well ... yes.

>And there's a guarantee that the spreadsheet works?
Yes. A money-back guarantee