P/E Ratios: and their relation to the 10-year Bond Rate
see also P/E and Bond Rates
motivated by a question by Susan

Once upon a time I did this thing about the apparent relationship between S&P500 P/E Ratios and 10-year Treasuries and ...

>You mean the relationship between E/P and 10-year treasuries, right?
Well, yes. Anyway, that tutorial ended with data up to year 2000.
I found data to year 2005, so this brings that stuff up to date ... sort of

The relationship between the E/P Ratios from Jan, 1970 to Jan, 2005 ... and the January 10-year bond yield, it looks like so

The "best fit" straight line is:   E/P = 0.9844 (T-bond) - 0.0048

>So you'd expect P/E to be the reciprocal, eh?
Yes, we might expect a "fair" P/E value is 1 / [0.9844 (T-bond) - 0.0048]

>So does that calculated "fair value" agree with the actual P/E Ratio?
The formula "fair values" and the "actual values" are shown here  
Using :       1/{0.9844 (T-bond) - 0.0048}
based upon Jan,1970-Jan, 2005 S&P500 data:
10-year Treasury Rate =%
"Fair Value" P/E =
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>And that's it?
That's it.