Here we are again, in October, when the worst market CRASHES occurred.

>Worst month? Like 1929?

Yes, and 1987. So, are recent market performances a harbinger of October?
Here are the September, October, November returns for the past few years.
What's to come ... for 2003?

>Your chart is only for three years and I think ...
Here's a few more years:

>The first charts are the DOW and the TSE ... and now the S&P. What's up?
I wouldn't take it too seriously except to note that, although the worst month has been October, that's not the worst month ... on average.

One other thing: it's interesting to compare 1987 with 1929:

>So, what's your prediction for the end of October, 2003 ... or November?
I have no idea.

>You said October isn't ... uh, wasn't the worst month. So ...?

>September? A return of -30.7%? You're kidding, eh?
Not according to the
Yahoo data

That was in September, 1931

>And that worst October, -23.2%, that was 1929, eh?
That was 1987.
And, of course, you'd be interested in this where October was not only the worst (for the years 1984-2002), but (almost) the best

see also October Gains