Monte Carlo ... for a dozen stocks

Somebuddy asked for a spreadsheet that did Monte Carlo simulation, where they'd specify the returns for a dozen stocks and ...

>And a withdrawal rate?
Yes, and an inflation rate and ...

>Why not just show a picture of the spreadsheet?
Good idea:

Click the picture to run the spreadsheet

The user enters the number of Monte Carlo iterations and number of years - stuff like that - and clicks a button.
>I assume she also enters all those annual returns, eh?
Yes, and the allocations ... in the third row and a starting portfolio and how you want to define "survival".
In cell K24 you put in some required final portfolio. "Survival" means that the final portfolio exceeds that Minimum amount.
>What's all that A, B, C stuff in the second row?
The names of the stocks. The user can type those in, too.
>And does the spreadsheet work good?
Don't my spreadsheets always work good?