Moving Averages
motivated by e-mail from Ken G.

Although I have lots of spreadsheets which do things like moving averages, I did a new one in response to an e-mail and ...

>Not another spreadsheet!
Pay attention. It looks like this:

click on the picture to download the spreadsheet

You type in a stock symbol and click a button and get ten years worth of daily prices and the spreadsheet calculate a couple of moving averages and ...

>And a moving window, right?
Yes. There's a right-left arrow in the upper right corner and you can move the 100-day window ... like this

>And that distribution of returns?
Yeah, it moves, too.

>And what good is it?
Well, I thought it'd be neat to scroll thru' past stock prices and see how three moving averages behave, whether their intersections mean something, whether crossing from above or below signifies buy and/or sell signals, whether ...

>And does it?
How would I know? Play with the spreadsheet and let me know. It's great fun!

>I think you should give up surfing the Net ...