a Lord's Lament  
        I gaze upon the galaxy bright                                 I wonder if I did it right
        And see My burnished stars                                 To make the Earth and Mars.
He was to be My finest create,
A million years to evolve.
A million years to banish the hate,
The arrogance to resolve.

To embrace the world that gives him life.
To love the creatures therein.
To nurture the Earth, arrest its strife.
To tame the land, abolish sin.

Yet his past was dark with angry ways
That he may look and learn and change.
To see the best, one must know the worst
So the anger and hate were there at first
            that he might find the seemly path.

I gave him life, the strength to choose,
His destiny within his grasp.
As time progressed he shunned the best
And in My name he failed the test
            and turned his friend to foe.

He forged a world to suit his need.
He ravaged land and sea.
He failed to find the seemly path
He earned the Earth's befitting wrath
            yet Nature did not stay his course.

Quake and storm revealed My rage,
And pestilence My ire.
Yet he raped the Earth, the sea and sand
And coveted his neighbour's land
            and sought to subjugate.

I forge a world of contrast,
That the best would come to be.
Yet he despises those of different past,
Their good he fails to see.

A million years and yet his state
Is not what I intended.
I am not certain what his fate
Or how it should be ended
... but I'll think of something!

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