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Economagic Mamma mia! Data out the wazoo!
Historical Returns Historical Returns, what else? ... from gummy_stuff
Fama French Historical data
Barra Historical data on S&P, mid cap, small cap, etc.
Interest Rates from
CPI Data from
Morgan Stanley World Indexes
Download Yahoo data ... to a spreadsheet

No Fee Boards Discussion Forum(s) on Retiring Early, Index Funds ... and other topics
the Wealthy Boomer Discussion Forum(s) on Wealth, Wisdom and Well Being.
Morningstar a Discussion Forum.
Yahoo! message boards A message board for (almost) every U.S.-listed stock. (Here, it's CBR)
Silicon Investor message boards A message board for (almost) every topic!
Rothery's Forum Norman Rothery's Directions Discussion Forum
Yahoo! C$C the Canadian $tock Club
CNN community A message board for (almost) every topic. (Hardly a Financial link, but what the heck.)

Spreadsheets TA stuff / spreadsheets (mostly)

GLOBEFUND Perhaps the BEST site for Canadian Mutual Funds, especially charts and filters.
the Fund Library Everything you ever wanted to know 'bout Canadian Mutual Funds
TD: Greenline Info on hundreds of Cdn Funds
Best and Worst Funds ... over 1 and 3 months, 1 and 3 and 5 years
muvision Info on Cdn Mutual Funds
Bylo's site ... helping investors make informed financial planning and mutual fund investment decisions
Doug's Best Buys Lots of Mutual Fund charts
PalTrak demo Analyze jillions of Cdn mutual funds; download free demo version (historical info, but outdated)
Morning Call Read it, every market morning.
TSE Equities Lots of info on TSE equities. (Here, it's Bombardier.)
StockHouse Great site for Canadian stock quotes/charts/news/msg boards/etc.
Scottrade Streamer Sign up for FREE Real Time (U.S.) Stock Streamer!
Yahoo! Stock Quotes Delayed 15-20 minutes, with news, charts, etc. (Append .to for TSE stocks)
Yahoo! Historical Info ... here it's Microsoft
Quote.canada Good for (delayed) Canadian stock quotes & charts
FREE Real Time Quotes No need to register ...
Company Stats All you wanted to know about a company; here it's Walmart (WMT)
Nordby: News and stuff especially broker reports
Stock Master: charts Compare any U.S. stock vs a selection of others (ex: MSFT vs S&P, PFE and WMT)
Big Charts Compare stocks. (Precede Canadian stocks by ca:)
Quicken: Stock Stuff Analysts ratings, EPS ... plus other bumpf on a selected stock. (Here, it's WMT)
Barcharts: Technical Indicators Gives buy & hold & sell signals. (Here, it's for PFE)
Barcharts: opinion Gives % BUY opinion. (Here, it's for CVTX)
World Markets World Indices
more World Markets with neato charts
Yahoo! News Ticker Stock prices scroll across your screen, like this. (Append .TO for stocks on the TSE)
CNNfn Low Alerts Sometimes some gems among the biggest losers (cuz of overreaction to bad news)
Bigcharts More technical charting
EquityWeb Biggest gainers/losers, most active, buy/sell advice and lots of links (example: WIRE)
TSE site Home of the Toronto Stock Exchange
CBOE Options Options: delayed PUT & CALL quotes
PHLX Options Options: with Greeks and screening!
CBOE Options calculator from the Chicago Board of Options Exchange
about Options a tutorial (mine)
North American Indices My collection of various indexes: charts of DOW, TSE, Bank, Biotech, Transportation etc. etc.
the Trinity Study Stocks and Bonds: what mix?
Assorted Links Bond, Mortgage, Annuity Links

AGENCIES (Government and otherwise)
Statistics Canada Piles of data ...
Federal Institutions ... take yer pick.
Revenue Canada A collection of Links
Ontario Gov't Agencies ... take yer pick.
Canada Pension Plan various bits of information

INVESTMENT News, Things to read, etc.
Bogle Speeches by John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Funds: a must read!
Investopedia An encyclopedia of things financial ... Cdn and US
Toronto Investment Club A great collection of articles to read.
Rothery's site Lots of great information on North American Equities ... mostly Cdn
a Course on Investing from yale
Technical Analysis (equis) explanation of technical indicators from A to Z
Paul Krugman's site Essays on investing, markets, economics, etc. ... fascinating & edifying!
the Motley Fool Investment news, stock talk, etc.
Financial Information Lots of stuff to read about investing
Business Wire News Headlines, with links to the news article
Yellow Pages Find companies via a description (example: type in beer :^)

Taxopedia An encyclopedia of tax info ... Cdn and US.
Calculators! Mamma mia! Calculators for every occasion
Annuity Calculator Calculate annuities (from
Annuity Calculator Calculate Life Annuity
Technical Terms ... from A to Z
Fund Library Links Lots o' Links here
beyond Locked-in RRSPs LIF, LRIF or Annuity?
Reverse Mortgages Canadian Home Income Plan
IMONEY a Personal Finance Website another Personal Finance website
Investing Canada an Investment Magazine
Canadian Investor another Investment Magazine
sedar System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval: info on Cdn companies
Foreign Exchange Rates Current Foreign Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates Historical Rates ... to buy
Microsoft Investor ... for U.S. investing
KPMG: Canada site Info for Cdn investors, with stuff on taxes, etc.
Investing: Canada Lots of links to sources of info on financial things Canadian.
more LINKS! a host of Links covering everything financial

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