Having spent some dozen years writing about financial stuff, I gaze at my web site and find it's far too confusing:

>You're telling me!
Yes ... well, with over 800 web pages and some 400+ spreadsheets I thought it'd be useful to go through that stuff, methodically.
Hence this set of chapters in a kind of financial "book" ... which may survive me.

>But you're a lousy investor.
Uh ... that's true, but there are lots of people who read and they might appreciate a slow journey through the maze of tutorials.

Anyway, here's what I intend to do ... and it may take me forever to finish.

Portfolio PicksChoosing what to invest in: diversification
CorrelationWhat it means ... and doesn't mean.
Standard DeviationThe volatility of returns.
When to BuyBuy & Sell indicators ... a jillion of them.
Monte Carlo... and what it'll does and don't do.
Return Distributions... and how to interpret 'em.
Getting the data... from yahoo
ReturnsAverage and Annualized ... and why the difference?
Predicting the Future (Good luck!)
Withdrawing from your Portfolio Will it run dry?
Keeping Track ... of your Portfolio
Odds & Endsnon Financial Stuff
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Much of the stuff is encapsulated in a collection of charts (and associated tutorials) here ... which I try to keep up-to-date.
There's also a neato QUIZ here ... the answers to which I've forgotten, long ago.