the Hutchison Effect and other funny stuff

Here's something interesting I just ran across, on TV. You know about electrons and protons or charged particles like ions and ... ?

>Yeah, they have positive or negative charges and attract or repel each other or ...
Yes, like charges repel each other and opposite charges (positive and negative) attract each other.
Aaah, but have you ever heard of gravitons?

>Are we talking financial stuff or what?
No, this is Science... or maybe Science Fiction.

Anyway, these gravitons only attract each other. Think of objects attracting each other via the attractive force of the gravitons that are contained within (along with the electrons and protons). That'd explain ...

>That'd explain gravity?
Exactly! Think of gravity as the result of the attractive forces inherent in the graviton component of objects. Further ...

>But Einstein already explained gravity, didn't he?
Uh ... yes. His Theory of General Relativity, but I'm talking about an alternate explanation.

Further, think of every object as having these attracting gravitons that help to hold the object together
... along with other bonding forces (like chemical / electrical / van der Waals bonds).

You take a block of ice. It's a solid, eh? The molecules are held together, somehow. Then you agitate the molecules and the bonds that hold the ice together, they break and ...

>And the ice melts! But how do you agitate the bonds?
By adding heat which, after all, is just agitated molecules.

>Yeah, but try that with wood and it'll just burn, eh?
Exactly! But imagine that wood (like everything else) has gravitons and that gravitons have dual personalities.

>Beg pardon?
Suppose that gravitions, though normally only attractive, can also be repulsive. Imagine that they can be in either of two states:
      As = Attractive state   ... As gravitons attract other As gravitons but repel Rs gravitons
      Rs = Repulsive state   ... Rs gravitons repel all other gravitons

>And objects just have the As gravitons?
Normally, yes. But suppose that some Magic Graviton Procedure (or MGP) will cause those normally attracting As gravitons to change to repulsive Rs gravitons. Then ...

>Then they no longer hold an object together? Is that what you're going to say?
Well ... yes. Then, if the MGP effect is strong enough the repulsive force of these new Rs gravitons might overcome the normal binding forces that hold the body together and the object ... uh ...

Yes, without any heat applied to it. You could apply MGP to wood that sits on paper and melt the wood without burning the paper.

>I think you should go back to financial stuff.
Wait! There's more! You place a metal wrench on a block of wood, apply MGP and the wood "melts" ... and the wrench sinks into the wood and then you remove the MGP and everything solidifies and now you've got a wrench inside a block of wood.

You apply MGP to a metal object and it turns to jelly and a copper penny, originally sitting on top, slips inside the object.

Okay, here's something that'll interest you.
We apply MGP to, say, a plastic salad bowl.
After applying, the gravitons are repulsive, eh?
They've changed states from As to Rs.
New personalities.

Now the As gravitons in the earth no longer attract these newly modified Rs gravitons.
In fact, they repel the Rs gravitons in the salad bowl ... and the bowl slowly lifts off the table.

>Huh? Say again!
I thought that anti-gravity stuff would wake you up

>Melting wood and levitating plastic bowls? You're kidding, right?
Not at all. Check out John Hutchison, the mad scientist from British Columbia. He generates that MGP with with a bunch of war surplus equipment, electrostatic and magnetic fields produced via Tesla coils, van de Graaf and RF wave generators and Hutchison rotates knobs and (magically) concentrates the fields at the location of an object and ...

>And that anti-graviton Rs personality. That's been observed?
Well, no. It's something I invented so I could explain the Hutchison Effect.
Science Fiction, perhaps ... but it makes me feel warm all over.

However, string theory seems to predict the existence of those gravitons (tho' not necessarily anti-gravitons which might explain cold-melting, metal "jellification", anti-gravity, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood, the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals, temporary and/or permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals. ).

>And Hutchison uses a huge amount of power, right?
That's the interesting thing. He uses very little. However, I think his experiments have been a bother to some. The U.S military has expressed a covert interest, the Canadian government has seized his equipment, he's been accused of treason, placed in handcuffs, his lab ransacked ...

>If what he says is true then he's not that "mad", right?
Agreed. Indeed, those clever Japanese have expressed an interest in his work.

>I still think you should stick to financial stuff.

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John Hutchison

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