Donchian Channel
motivated by email from Raymond M.

Okay, so I get email asking about Donchian channels and, with help from Raymond, I ...
>And you never heard of Donchain before, right?
It's Donchian.
And yes, I'd never heard of it before ... but it looks interesting. It's a trading system, originally designed by Richard Donchian (1905-1993).

It goes like this:

  • You pick a nice number like 20 and look at the highest high and lowest low over the past 20 days.
  • You get very excited when the current stock price rises above the highest high, anticipating an uptrend in the price.
  • You also expect a downtrend when the price falls below the lowest low over the past 20 days.
  • When the ...
>Don't you have a picture? I picture is worth a thousand ...
There's a picture over there    
It shows the highest high and lowest low as well as the closing price over the past 20 days.

Note that yesterday's upper Donchian is usually larger than today's closing price, but when the close rises above the upper Donchian ...

>That's regarded as the signal for the start of an uptrend, right?
>So you buy, right?
>And what about that 20 days?
Pick whatever works.

Donchian channel for GE stock

>And the spreadsheet? Where's the spreadsheet?
Click on the picture below to download the spreadsheet:

Note that you can change the number of days in each of the upper- and lower-Donchian.
Who knows? Maybe the Uptrend and Downtrend signals are better with different days.