the DOW vs the World
Motivated by comments by Howard  

So Howard says that the DOW influences foreign markets ... usually.
If the DOW is down today, chances are that foreign markets will be down tomorrow.

>C'mon! You never believe anything Howie says ... do you?
Rarely, but I figured it'd be interesting to see if'n it's true, so ...

>So you have a spreadsheet, right?
Yes, indeed. It looks like this:

You type in a couple of Yahoo stock symbols, pick an End Date then click a Download button.
You get ten weeks of daily returns for each stock and a chart that compares the daily returns of the first with the daily returns of the second one day later.

>So you can see if the first influences the second, right?
Something like that, and if you try it with a recent End Date and do it ag'in with an End Date a year ago, you often find a significant difference.

>For example?

See the recent chart, above? Well here's the chart a year ago:

There are others here:
DOW vs India:RecentLast year
DOW vs Germany:RecentLast year
DOW vs Australia:RecentLast year

>Is that all you got?
Play yourself! Just click on the picture of the spreadsheet to download it.

P.S. The spreadsheet has been modified so you can choose to compare the returns of the first stock to that of the second N days later ... where N can even be negative.
>Just in case the second stock influences the first, eh?
Sure ... who knows?