Below is a link which, when clicked, will download a .ZIPd file called C-Tutor. It's a tutorial on the C language, but (alas) only runs under DOS ('cause I wrote it sometime during the last century when there was only DOS). However, it works if you have a config.sys file in the C: directory which says:
device=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ansi.sys or device=C:\WINDOWS\DOS\ansi.sys or even device=ansi.sys
(We'll check the config.sys file momentarily.)

Now do the following:

  1. Create a new folder called, say, C-TUTOR (though it can have any name). This folder could be (for example) on your desktop (or anywhere else ... just remember where you put it!)
  2. Download the C-Tutor file (below) to this newly created directory.
  3. You can now get off the internet and close all programs.
  4. Click on the C-Tutor file to unZIP it into your C-TUTOR folder.
  5. Do a Find Files or Folders ... and look for ansi.sys. Make a note of where this file lives, maybe C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ or maybe C:\WINDOWS\DOS\ or maybe just C:\. You'll have to tell config.sys, next.
  6. Do a Find Files or Folders ... and look for config.sys.
  7. Open config.sys with Notepad and make sure it contains a device = ... ansi.sys line (one of the above-mentioned lines, such as device=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ansi.sys
    If it already has such a line you're in luck. No need to add such a line. If not, add such a line.
  8. Save the config.sys file and close all programs.
  9. Restart your PC in MS-DOS MODE *. The screen will probably say something like:
  10. Get yourself into the C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\C-TUTOR directory (or wherever you saved the C-Tutor file and its unZIP'd comrades) by typing:
    (or equivalent ... depending upon the name you gave your folder)
  11. Type dir and you'll see the collection of unZIP'd files, like:
display, contents, explain, lesson1 to lesson12, and a couple of tests.

The magic program, here, is the one called display 'cause it ... uh, displays things.

display explain
... and the display program will be explained.
display lesson1
... and the first lesson in C will be displayed.
display test1-5
... and a test on lessons 1 to 5 will be displayed.

* Instead of restarting your PC in DOS MODE, you may be able to simply open a DOS window. See if you can find an MS-DOS PROMPT (under Programs maybe?) to get into DOS and, to get a smaller DOS window, try Alt Enter. When you get a window, then get into the appropriate directory (as per step 10, above), and get something like this (after typing display lesson1):

Okay, if you're still game to try it, click here:

Download C-Tutor

One last thingy: although I wrote these lessons, it was when I was an infant.
Now, a decrepit old man, I can't remember a thing about this $!#&%@? language ... so don't ask me any questions!