30 correlations
motivated by e-mail from Kevin B.

Once upon a time I generated a spreadsheet that downloaded prices for 30 stocks ... to play with the data.

You could choose an allocation, like 5% of this one and 1% of that one and ...

>Yeah, so?
Now I got a spreadsheet that'll download monthly data for 30 stocks and generate a table of correlations, with colours to identify those with small and large correlations, like so:

>Ugh! Lousy colours.
Did I mention that you can choose your own colours?

>So how do I get ...?
Just click on the picture.

60 correlations
motivated by e-mail from TCL.

P.S. There's a 60-stock correlation spreadsheet here: Excel/60-correlations.xls

>What's it do?
Up to 60 stocks.

However, you can do fewer and you'll get a tiny table like this: