FWF is now feed friendly

In addition to the RSS feed of this blog, we are happy to announce the availability of a new feature on the Financial Wisdom Forum (FWF). FWF now provides web feeds (also known as syndicated or news feeds) using the forum’s Atom feed icon Atom feeds.

There are currently three feeds enabled on FWF, each offers different information that a reader may find helpful based on their forum browsing habits.

The feeds only provide the Your Money … and Now Hear This! forums that are visible to guests.

The feeds are best viewed in a feed reader such as Feedly rather than in a browser. If you want to first try them in a browser, IE and Firefox offer reader capability, Chrome does not.

Sample of FWF's feeds as seen in Feedly

Sample of FWF’s feeds as seen in Feedly

To reply to a post that you are viewing in a feed reader, the subject line is a clickable link back to the forum, where you can post a reply (if you are logged in the forum) in the normal way.

For further information, please read our forum discussion of this feature in New feature – Feeds.

BTW, our wiki, finiki’s Recent changes also provides an Atom feed (look under Tools in the left sidebar) so you can track the efforts of finiki editors to see what’s changing?