Empire Co. Ltd. (Symbol-EMP.A)

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Re: Empire Co. Ltd. (Symbol-EMP.A)

Post by brad911 » 13 Jan 2017 12:46

And you have a right to be optimistic. The concerns would be that he only lasted ~2 years with CTC and the company has larger issues then just 1 person can fix. The board holds some responsibility for not ensuring that the acquisition of Safeway was being conducted properly. Their Quebec-Ontario operations appear to be operating ok, but its really figuring out a way to compete without cutting prices (that alone is a reason I won't buy it right now). You never compete on price.
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Re: Empire Co. Ltd. (Symbol-EMP.A)

Post by Taggart » 09 Apr 2017 05:43

I've held Empire since 2007. Waiting to see what the company management does with it's dividend during this turnaround attempt before deciding whether to stay or go. A cut, and I'm out right away. Their annual dividend increase is usually announced in June, but I'm not expecting one for this year.

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Re: Empire Co. Ltd. (Symbol-EMP.A)

Post by jay » 15 Sep 2017 10:58

jay wrote:
13 Jan 2017 10:19
This stock has been severely punished. At current levels, it has negative 3 and 5 year CAGRs and the worse 10-yr CAGR on record. Any good news like this will take it above $20 in no time. My cost base is $18.5 and hoping to see gains soon, but I'm biased :).
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Who's holding? starting to get nervous that EMP.A will soon become a top holding of mine. Thinking of taking some profits

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