T5004 Completion (from T5013A)

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T5004 Completion (from T5013A)

Postby thegov » 11 Apr 2012 13:00

I have a T5013A which has Renounced CEE (Box 120) say $5000.
Also on that slip are provincial amounts (Box 145 ONT).
When I run through T1229 -- a percentage of the provincial amounts are subtracted from the $5000.
Say $100 so the amount that ends up on line 224 is $4900.

So when filling the T5004, do you put in $5000 or $4900?
My guess is $4900 -- however, I have seen people do the opposite.

(I'm aware that Box 35 - Net Business Loss also goes here on a separate line).
Any thoughts?
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