Cross Border Portfolio

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Cross Border Portfolio

Post by willchan » 14 May 2017 09:01

Hi all!

I'm in a bit of a cross-border situation (just moved 3 months ago for work), and have read numerous articles on how to structure it. I wanted to see if I had the right approach to this.
- I'm 31, wife is 30
- I am in New York, wife is still in Toronto --- we are undecided on living together in Toronto, NY, or staying apart for now
- My work assignment is at least for 2 years, but could become a long-term move
- Own a condo in Toronto, have about $300k in equity in it
- Canadian accounts allocation mix: 25% bonds, 25% CAD, 25% US, 25% International

- RRSP: frozen at TD
- TFSA: closed, IRS tax issue
- 401(k): contribute max with 30% bonds, 35% US, 35% International
- HSA: contribute max
- Roth IRA: can't open, past the salary limit

- RRSP and TFSA will contribute with the original allocation

I have a few concerns:
- If I move back to Canada, I understand the 401(k) and HSA will be frozen, and I can withdraw upon retirement.
- Should my wife stop contributing to TFSA, if she decides to move here at some point (within the next 2 years)?
- I want to open a taxable account at Charles Schwab and invest in US and Intl Indexes (will adjust 401(k) towards bonds to keep allocation). I should be buying the ETF versions and not the mutual funds, right? If I move back, ETFs can be transferred to a brokerage account while the mutual funds would have to be liquidated.
- Since my allocations in the US won't have the CAD Index, should I be worried about the allocations growing too lopsided?


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